Gold Jewellery

A Gole Bangle

A Majestic Gold Bangle

Our expert craftsmen take days to create such a piece of jewellery. Its magnificent lies in the engraving throughout the bangle. A majestic bracelet that is sure to enhance the cultural look of the wearer.

Gold Bow Tie

Women have forever been known as the fashionistas. However, with changing times, we see men getting inclined towards fashion. This 22k gold Bow Tie is a beautiful piece that the man can wear on his black shirt. This will enhance his appearance. Moreover, this piece of jewellery is textured throughout with a traditional handcraft in the centre. A beautiful piece of work that is sure to smarten the man.

Gold Bow Tie
Fancy Solitaire Ring

Gold Choker Set

A trend setting gold choker set for the fashionista. The choker fits perfectly on the neck giving flawless look. The designing and crafting of the earrings is commendable. Apart from the choker, the neckpiece can also serve as a beautiful armlet. A modern gold set serving a dual purpose.

Mehandi Designed Gold Pendent

This pendent set design has been inspired from the festive mehandi designs. Just as most women love mehandi in the festive season, they also love jewellery. This set has been beautifully handcrafted to suit the festive as well as normal occasions. It also has a touch of jadau as well as color stones which add to its beauty. An extremely unique handcrafted pendent set for the Indian lady.

Mehandi Designed Gold Pendent

Rajput Traditional Necklace Set

Inspired from the Indian History, this set shows the Rajput tradition. It has beautiful flower earrings with antique polish throughout. Moreover the earrings are in the shape of ‘pooja ghantis’. A perfect set which is rich in culture & tradition.

Necklace Set themed with Rajput Tradition
Diamond Necklace Set

Necklace Set With Coral Pieces

"Life is too short to wear boring jewellery" many people have heard it & believe in it too. This set is something away from the ordinary. Gold beads have been set beautifully to give this set a heavy yet simple look. Pink coral pieces add the spark to it. The earrings have been designed & conceptualised with utmost care. A splendid piece of gold jewellery with a touch of modern taste.

Showcase of Gold Jewellery